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The State of Argentine Football: A Discussion

Even though the Argentina national team has reached the final of its last two international tournaments, defeat in both has left the impression that despite being one of the best Argentina sides of all time, Lionel Messi and company are … Continue reading

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Everything Wrong With Argentine Football In 58 Seconds

A couple of weeks ago, a Boca Juniors barra recorded and released this set of rules for all Xeneize players to adhere to. Unsurprisingly, loyalty and subservience to the Boca tribe are of paramount importance, and they come at the expense of all decency and … Continue reading

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Looking For Riquelme – Part IV: The Riquelmista Who Played With Fire

The further we walked from El Viaducto, the more determined I was to get into Arsenal vs Boca at any cost. Aware that we were on potentially hostile territory, I refrained from articulating this thought to Santi and Nico, who … Continue reading

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Looking For Riquelme – Part III: Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way

I had been in Argentina for a month before the opportunity arose to see Juan Román Riquelme in action. As I arrived halfway through the Torneo Inicial season, there were plenty of Boca Juniors games being played. There was one … Continue reading

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