The Best World Cup XI In History

wcxiSpanish-language website has added a nice little feature in which you can name your best World Cup XI of all time. Above is my chosen team. I did not use stats or anything in order to compile it – the only criterion I decided to use was that no-one who had not won the tournament could be included.

I kinda wanted to include Xavi Hernández, who I still consider to be the greatest footballer of all-time based on his body of work, but: 1) Sergio Busquets‘ 2010 World Cup was damn near flawless, particularly his performance in the Final; 2) Lothar Matthäus sort of has to be in there due to his longevity and consistency.

Set out in a 4-4-2 the team looks totally anarchic but ideally it would play in a 4-1-3-2, with Busquets in front of the back two (Cafu and Roberto Carlos would go forward, naturally) and the third-band three in more-or-less free roles. Normally that sort of setup would carry a risk but I think Matthäus, Diego Maradona and Zinedine Zidane could be trusted.

If you disagree with my XI – and let’s be honest, you do – you can pick your own XI here.



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One Response to The Best World Cup XI In History

  1. applebonkers says:

    the Xavi shout is huge, and if you really dwell on it then it could be right. The most iconic player of possibly the greatest club and country sides ever. Not iconic in the cheaper poster-boy sense either, but the most fundamental player, the symbol and best exponent of an entire philosophy.

    Absolutely love these sort of things, this was mine. A lifetime XI, it technically could have included Maradona as he was in World Cup 94 but my only memory of watching that World Cup was Lethckov’s diving header, that’s it. Therefore it’s Letchkov+98-2010.
    First of all feeling Roberto Carlos and Cafu were givens dictated the entire formation and rest of the team. Wing-bacs in a 3-5-2. The result being a LCB comfortable in wide left positions and a RCB likewise. De Boer put in the best performance I’ve seen against peak Ronaldo, so he’s in. Puyol over Cannavaro as it would feel like cheating on Nesta otherwise, and Puyol’s 2010 was pretty awesome anyway. Ideal world a defensive mid but refuse to leave out any of the midfield trio (Iniesta arguably could be), with the 3 centre backs behind it maybe it would work anyway. Up front Rivaldo was arguably the real player of the 2002 World Cup. He was pipped to that award of course by Kahn, boom, and Ronaldo, boom.

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