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The Changing Language Of Football: What Is Fun? And What Does ‘Passion’ Even Mean?

In this age of supreme physical preparation, thorough statistical analysis and detailed tactical training, the standard of football across the world has gone through the roof. Players at the highest level are better than they have been at any other … Continue reading

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Hand Of Pod: Episode 132

I once again appeared on the Hand Of Pod podcast this week, discussing two rounds of Argentine Primera fixtures and the two matches I was at in person. We also look at San Lorenzo’s return to form, Boca’s utter abjectness … Continue reading

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Norwich City vs Tottenham Hotspur: Tactical Preview (!)

Imagine being stuck in a small, windowless, grey room for a trillion years. The room’s only feature is a single lightbulb that hangs from the ceiling and never goes out. You can eat or drink whenever you want, but the … Continue reading

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Racing 0-1 Tigre: So Tactics Do Exist In Argentina

The standard of Argentine football has undeniably fallen considerably in recent years. Economic factors have made it impossible for clubs to hold onto the numerous good, young players they produce, while the ultra-pressurised culture surrounding the game means that managers … Continue reading

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The Truth About Wayne Rooney

There is a bizarre nostalgia that affects people when they discuss Wayne Rooney. The prevalent view seems to be that he had all the talent in the world, demonstrated it with carefree abandon during his teenage years and then got … Continue reading

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Hand Of Pod: Episode 131

This week I appeared for the third time on Sam Kelly’s long-running Argentine football programme Hand Of Pod, along with the man himself and Andrés Bruckner. You can listen to the episode here.

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My Favourite XI

Goalkeeper: Shaun Marshall While I do not support a team now – and I strongly recommend abandoning fandom to anyone who is considering doing so – I grew up supporting Cambridge United. For a few years, I was a season … Continue reading

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